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GAP Coverage
Pays for the gap between the amount due under a lease and the actual cash value of the car at the time of the accident.

A term applied to a primary care physician

Grace Period
A specified length of time within which a renewal premium that is due may be paid without penalty.

Grievance Procedure
The required appeal process an HMO/insurance company provides to protest a decision regarding a claim payment

Group Life
Life insurance plans provided often through one’s job, association, or other organization where the individual members of the group receive certificates rather than policies as evidence of their insurance.

Guarantee Issue
An insurance policy that is issued to anyone, regardless of prior medical history.

Guaranteed Insurability
An option that allows the policyholder the right to buy additional life insurance at specific times in the future, without having to answer questions about his or her health.

Guaranteed Rate
The minimum interest rate that the insurance company promises to pay to a policyholder’s cash value.



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