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Face Amount
The amount of the death benefit payable under a life insurance policy.

Face Value
The dollar amount on the face of the policy that will be paid by the company at death or at the maturity of the policy. The actual sum may be higher or lower depending on the options selected, outstanding policy loans or premium owed.

Fee for Service
A health plan that allows you, as the patient, to use any doctors you want, but requires you pay for the services yourself and file (or your provider files) claims for reimbursement.

Flexible Premium Policy
A life insurance policy where the policyholder can vary the time or amounts of the premiums.

Flood Plain
A land area adjacent to a river, stream, lake, estuary or other water body that is subject to flooding.  These areas, if left undisturbed, act to store excess floodwater.

Free Look Provision
An individual life insurance and annuity provision that gives the policy owner a stated time, usually 10 days after the policy is delivered, in which to cancel the policy and receive a full refund on the initial premium payment.



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