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  Buying Insurance

When you purchase insurance, we feel there are many factors and variables to consider. We also realize many people feel insurance is a necessary "evil," only because there are few, if any, alternatives. And many states' insurance coverages are mandated by law, such as automobile and workers compensation coverage.

While insurance may be looked at as a "necessity" and in many ways as a commodity like milk, butter, and gasoline, there are many factors which separate companies and the agencies who market the products and services.

Please consider the following as a checklist the next time you think about an insurance purchase; because not all products and services are plain and equal as some companies would like you to believe.

31. What Is The Financial Stability of the Company and Agency?
Carriage House has been in operation for over 90 years and we represent companies rated A- or better (According to A.M. Best Company).

42. Matching Your Needs and Wants to the Appropriate Solution
We represent numerous carriers to match your needs from auto and home, to business insurance. We do not offer "cookie cutter" solutions to your unique situation(s). Not any one company can be all things to all people. That is why we represent many companies with differing insurance philosophies to meet your needs.

53. Claim Service You Can Depend Upon
What good is an insurance policy if the company lets you down when it is needed the most? The companies we work with offer good claim service, and our agency has draft authority with several companies, so many of your claim needs can be settled with a check the same day.

4. Accessibility To Your Insurance Agency
With our E-mail address, Web Page guestbook, toll free number, facsimile machine, and office hours, we are accessible to communicate with you.
We have heard horror stories about agencies not returning phone calls for weeks, or following up on written correspondence. We are committed to telephone follow-up in a 24 hour period if you do not reach the person you want to talk to the first time by phone.

5. Price of Product & Service
With the number of companies at our disposal, we can offer you coverages at an affordable price. We offer our best coverage and recommendations the first time, every time.



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